Stability of relativistic stars

演讲人:林治武 教授  美国佐治亚理工学院

报告时间:2018年6月28日(周四)下午 3:00至 4:00


演讲题目:Stability of relativistic stars


摘要:I will discuss the stability of non-rotating relativistic stars (white dwarfs, neutron stars etc.) modeled by Euler-Einstein equation. A turning point principle for the sharp stability criterion is obtained and used to explain the stability picture with a realistic equation of state. The linear instability is always true in the strong relativistic limit, in contrast to the Newtonian stars modeled by Euler-Poisson system. I will also discuss the critical phenomena for gravitational collapse and its relation to the dynamics near unstable stars. This is joint work with Hadzic and Rein.