Paul Erdős and the Erdős-type Combinatorics

Title :   Paul Erdős and the Erdős-type Combinatorics

Speaker:   匈牙利科学院院士Miklós Simonovits教授

时间:  2018/06/01  16: 00

地点:  知新楼B924

邀请人:    王光辉教授


Paul Erdős was one of those who had the greatest impact on today’s Combinatorics and Graph Theory. He was not so much a theory-builder but a “problem solver”. Actually, in his surrounding many mathematicians preferred to build new mathematical theories by first attacking the simplest questions in the related areas and then look for more and more difficult questions.

Erdős had a particular ability to choose the right problems and mostly his questions lead to fascinating new theories. In my lecture I will try to describe Erdős method, and some of his questions.

Miklós Simonovits院士简介:
匈牙利Alfréd Rényi 数学研究所教授,匈牙利科学院院士,主要研究兴趣为极值图论和随机图,是享誉国际的图论与组合数学专家。Simonovits 院士是上世纪世界著名数学家1983年沃尔夫奖获得者Erdős的重要合作伙伴,与其合作发表论文21篇;同时是当今世界著名数学家1999年沃尔夫奖获得者Lovász(曾担任国际数学联盟主席)和2012年阿贝尔奖获得者Szemerédi的重要合作伙伴,合作完成了诸多重要研究工作。Simonovits院士累计在国际顶级期刊发表论文100余篇,被引4800余次,是当今匈牙利组合学派的杰出代表,于2014年荣获匈牙利最高科学技术奖Széchenyi奖。