Nondense orbits of homogeneous dynamics

报告题目: Nondense orbits of homogeneous dynamics

报告人: 安金鹏, 北京大学

报告时间和地点: 14:00-15:00, 2018年11月13号, 周二; 知新楼B1044

报告摘要: Homogeneous dynamics is a special kind of dynamical systems given by Lie groups. For certain important cases, the systems are ergodic and hence the points with nondense orbits form a set of measure zero. However, the behavior of nondense orbits reflects the complexity of the system and is related to problems in number theory. In this talk, we will discuss some recent progresses of investigations in nondense orbits of homogeneous dynamics, with emphasis on properties of bounded orbits. We will also explain their relations with problems in number-theoretic problems.

报告人简介: 安金鹏,2006年博士毕业于北京大学,现任北京大学教授,研究方向为李群作用与相关的动力系统和数论问题. 其先后在苏黎世联邦理工,滑铁卢大学做博士后研究工作,其多篇学术论文发表在 Duke Math, Adv. Math, J. Differential Geom.等国际重要学术期刊上. 安金鹏教授先后主持了国家自然科学基金委青年基金,优秀青年科学基金以及面上项目等.

邀请人: 纪广华