Modeling and Computations of interfacial dynamics using phase field method

报告题目:Modeling and Computations of interfacial dynamics using phase field method


时间:2017 年 6 月 27 号 9:00-10:00

地点:知新楼 B 座 1044 报告厅


Phase field method, as a very popular interface capturing method, has been widely used to study a variety of interfacial dynamic problems. Its basic idea is to employ an order parameter, or the phase variable, to distinguish distinct material phases in the multiphasic material system, which varies continuously over thin interfacial layers and is mostly uniform in bulk phases.

In this talk, I will first present its physical background by introducing several broadly used examples. Then I will show a general framework to derive thermodynamic consistent models in phase field setting. Afterward, several strategies will be introduced to derive linear, decoupled, energy-stable and unique solvable numerical schemes for solving a class of phase field models. In the end, several applications in image science (image inpainting and segment) and life science (biofilm formation and cell mitosis) will be delivered to demonstrate the effectiveness of our modeling and numerical tools.

简历:Dr. Jia Zhao, Department of Math, Univ. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. After obtained his Bachelor’s degree in NanKai University,Dr.Jia Zhao went to South Carolina,where he received his PHD in 2015.Afterward,he held a postdoc position at Univ. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.Dr. Jia Zhao has 20 papers published or accepted in high level journals,and he is moving to Utah State University for a tenure-track position starting at August,2017.