Invisibility Cloaks: Mathematical and Numerical Analysis, and Simulation

题目:Invisibility Cloaks: Mathematical and Numerical Analysis, and Simulation

报告人:Jichun Li, University of Nevada Las Vegas, USA



摘要:In June, 2006’s “Science” magazine, Pendry et al and Leonhardt independently published their papers on electromagnetic cloaking. In Nov., 2006’s Science magazine, Pendry et al demonstrated the first practical realization of such a cloak with the use of artificially constructed metamaterials. Since then, there is a growing interest in using metamaterials to design invisibility cloaks. In this talk, I will first give a brief introduction to invisibility cloaks with metamaterials, then I will focus on some time-domain cloaking models. Well-posedness study and time-domain finite element method for these models will be presented. Finally, I will show some numerical simulations of time-domain cloaking and optical black holes. I will conclude the talk with some open issues.