Distributed Networked System under Communication Information Constraints

报告人:Daniel W. C. Ho(何永昌),香港城市大学数学系讲座教授



Title: Distributed Networked System under Communication Information Constraints

Abstract: A distributed network system (DNS) consists of a large number of small, inexpensive agents deployed over a vast region, in which each agent is capable of collecting, processing information and communication with neighboring agents. Node collaboration is the key for the success of DNSs due to the fact that each node itself is limited by communication range, power, and processing ability.

An interesting aspect of the dynamics in DNSs is that certain types of globally collective behavior emerge from local interactions among the nodes. Consensus in DNSs requires the integration of the stability, control, filtering and sensing aspects of the information processing and computational analysis.

In this talk, we shall present some recent work on the consensus performance of DNS under network induced imperfect communication. These constraints include partial-information transmission, packet loss, time-delay and quantization. In addition, this talk will also discuss some recent investigation on the event-triggered data transmission in discrete-time multi-agent consensus problem with communication delays.

Short Bio:

Daniel W. C. Ho  received the B.Sc., M.Sc., and Ph.D. degrees in mathematics from the University of Salford, Greater Manchester, U.K., in 1980, 1982, and 1986, respectively.

From 1985 to 1988, he was a Research Fellow with the Industrial Control Unit, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, U.K.  He is currently a Chair Professor in applied mathematics with the Department of Mathematics, and the Assistant Dean (Teaching Innovations) with the College of Science and Engineering, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong which he joined in 1989.  His current research interests include control and estimation theory, complex dynamical distributed networks, multi-agent networks, and stochastic systems. He has over 200 publications in scientific journals.

Prof. Ho is a Fellow of the IEEE. He was honored to be the Chang Jiang Chair Professor awarded by the Ministry of Education, China, in 2012. He has been on the editorial board of a number of journals including IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, IET Control Theory and its Applications, Journal of the Franklin Institute and Asian Journal of Control.  He is named as ISI Highly Cited Researchers (2014-2016) in Engineering by Thomson Reuters.


何永昌, 香港城市大学数学系讲座教授及科學及工程學院助理院長、博士生导师。 何永昌教授分别于1982、1984、1986年在英国Salford(索爾福德)大学获学士、硕士及博士学位。2012年被教育部聘为南京理工大学“长江学者奖励计划”讲座教授。何永昌教授主要致力于非线性系统,奇异系统,分布式网络化系统等方面的研究工作,先后主持了20余项科研项目,合作出版著作一部,发表SCI检索国际杂志论文190余篇,曾先后入选第一届、第二届“中国百篇最具影响优秀国际学术论文”,获Asian Control Conference 2011最佳论文奖。2014, 2015及 2016 連續三年被汤森路透(Thomson Reuters) 选为“Highly cited researchers”(全球高引用科学家)。2017选为 IEEE Fellow (IEEE院士).

何永昌教授目前担任7个国际期刊的编委,如Subject editor of Journal of Franklin Institute, Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems,  IET Control Theory & Applications